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The Federal Council shall be the supreme body and repository of supreme power of the National Federation.

(a) The Federal Council consists of:

           (i) All the members of the National Executive
           (ii) Branch Secretary of the branch and in his absence Branch President and in his absence a delegate elected by the branch members
           (iii) Office Bearers of Zonal Associations who are not members of National Executive

(b) The Federal Council shall meet biennially or in special sessions or in requisition session. Such meeting shall be convened by the Secretary General.

(c) The Biennial Conference shall dispose off all matters affecting or relating to the interests of the members including:

           (i) Adoption of biennial audited Accounts and Report.

           (ii) Amendment to the Constitution, if any,

           (iii) Appointment of Auditors

           (iv) Election of Office Bearers.

           (v) Formulation of overall and general policy of the National Federation.

           (vi) Any other matter that may be brought before the Conference.

(d) All matters placed before the Federal Council shall be decided by a majority of votes.

(e) The Federal Council may meet in special sessions at any time in between two Biennial Federal Councils to transact all matters of vital importance, including amedments or variation of the Costitution. Requisition meetings shall transact only the specified agenda.
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