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A. There shall be a National Executive for the general management of the affairs of the National Federation. The National Executive shall consist of the following members:

          (i) The members of the Central Secretariat.
          (ii) The General Secretaries of the Divisional Associations.
          (iii) The Presidents of the Divisional Associations.

B. Powers and functions of the National Eexecutive

Subject to overall control by the Federal Council the National Executive shall be collectively responsible to the Federal Council and carry on all affairs of administration and shall have powers to:

     (i) Adopt resolutions, frame rules and bye-laws, form committees and sub committees, appoint employees,

     (ii) Take decisions on any issue affecting or relating to the interest of members, devise ways and means for implementation of the decesioins taken in the Federal Council and take active and necessary steps for the betterment of the organisation. The National Executive shall have the right to waive or remit or fore go contributions and/or any other fee and levies payable by the Divisional Associaitons and other members and to render financial assistance to any unit and/or other organisations having kinder aims and objectives or to any member of the National Federation, or to any member of the National Executive, if deemed necessary.

     (iii) Ask for levies and give call for donations or contributions or raise funds for the National Federation in the manner deemed fit,

     (iv) Remove or suspend any of the office bearer of the Central Association from his position of office bearer provided such member/members are found guilty of theft, corruption or of violating the rules of the National Federation or violating any of the vital decision of the Federation or acting in a way prejudicial to the interests of the members in general affecting or jeopardising the existence of the National Federation or hampering its progress, or found guilty of having allegiance to any other Insurance Trade Union Organisation, not approved by the National Federation. The decision of the National Executive in this respect taken by two third majority of members present and voting in the meeting shall have to be ratified by the Federal Council at the next meeting.

However, he/she can appeal first to the National Executive for reconsideration and thereafter to the Federal Council and no appeal shall lie against the decision of the National Executive; but in all cases the member/members concerned shall be first charge sheeted and be given an opportunity to defend, prior to being taken decisions by the National Executive.

     (v) Take decisions and implement those on matters not specified above in consonance with the declared aims and objectives of the Constitution, subject to subsequent ratification by the Federal Council,

     (vi) Decide all matters placed before the National Executive by majority of votes,except in case of removal or suspension of the office bearer/s

     (vii) The National Executive may authorise Secretary General to call Zonal Executive or Zonal Council to establish the Constitution, if they are conviced that the same is being violated by the concerned Zonal Association.
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