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The National Federation shall have the following Office Bearers who will be elected from among the members by the Federal Council at the Biennial Conference:

          (i) President

          (ii) Vice President

          (iii) Secretary General

          (iv) Two Resident Secreataries of whom one shall be from Mumbai where the Central Office of the Life Insurance Corporation of India is located and the other from Delhi which is the seat of the Government of India.

          (v) Two Joint Secretaries

          (vi) Treasurer.

Note :

     (i) Names of the Resident Secretaries and Treasurer will be proposed by the Secretary General and the names thus proposed shall be deemed to be elected by the Federal Council.

     (ii) Any office bearer applying for promotion will submit his resignation on the day of such application and handover the charge of his office to another appropriate office bearer. The resignation for the purpose will be treated as accepted on the day of submission. The Central Secretariate will co-opt another person to fill up the vacancy in its next meeting

     (iii) No one who is not a Development Officer of the Corporation shall be elected as an office bearer of the Federation.
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