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The President shall preside over all meetings, see to the proper conduct of the procedure, give interpretations, issue rulings, if asked for, take votes for or against any motion in case of disagreement among members by show of hands or by ballot, shall have the casting vote in case of a tie, sign minutes book and perform such other Presidential functions connected with the organisation.


     (i) The Vice President shall discharge all the Presidential functions in the absence of the President in a particular meeting,

     (ii) In the absence of the both President and the Vice President, members present shall elect one among themselves to the Presidential chair, to conduct the meeting for the day.


     (i) Secretary Genral shall be responsible for proper execution of the decision, policies and programmes adopted in the National Executive/Federal Council, shall direct and co-ordinate movements of the National Federation, exercise general supervision over the affairs of the National Federation, see to the betterment, advance, growth and progress of the National Federation, and in the absence of a decision of the National Executive, shall devise ways and means for implementation and materialisation of the aims and objectives of the National Federation, subject to ratification by National Executive, pass bills for payments, maintain registers, minutes books, etc. submit biennial returns, call meetings of the National Executive, Federal Councl and carry on such other duties as may be entrusted to him by the National Executive.

Disciplianary Power: In cases of violation of Constitution or anti federation activities, the Secretary General shall direct to the concerned Zonal Secretary to direct the respective Divisional Executive/Council to take appropriate action under rule 27(b)(v) of the constitution. If the Divisional Executive fails to take appropriate action, the Secretary General on the advice of the Central Secretariat, shall take any disciplinary action deemed fit subject to ratification by the National Executive which is the decision making body.

     (ii) The Secretary General may delegate some or any of his powers to any Joint Secretary, (during his absence he may authorise any Joint Secretary, as the case may be) to act on his behalf or to discharge any of the duties so entrusted to him in part or in full or he may divide his functions and responsibilities and distribute those among the Joint Secretaries, as the case may be.

     (iii) The Secretary General may have a sum of not exceeding Rs.25,000/- (Rupees Twenty Five Thousand only) in cash in hand to meet incidental expenses.

     (iv) The Secretary General shall convene the Zonal Executive or Zonal Council, in case the Zonal President fails to convene the meeting which has been duly requisitioned by the members of the respective Councils.


Each Resident Secretary will attend to such work and carry out such responsibilities as may be entrusted to him from time to time by the Secretary General. The Resident Secretary from Mumbai will generally follow the affairs of the National Federation with the Central Office of the Life Insurance Corporation of India in consultation with the Secretary General. The Resident Secretary from Delhi will follow up the affairs of the Federation with the Government of India or with the Members of Parliament, as the case may be from time to time, in consultation with the Secretary General.


The Joint Secretaries shall assist the Secretary General in the discharge of his duties and will carry out specific work and responsibilities entrusted to them from time to time by the Secretary General.


The Treasurer shall receive all monies belonging to the National Federation and maintain proper accounts of all income and expenditure of the National Federation, shall prepare the biennial return, get it audited by the appointed auditor, manintain vouchers and bills countersigned by the Secretary General, grant receipts, and orders of payment, if passed by the Secretary General or person/persons duly authorised by him. All collections are to be deposited with the Bank/Banks as authorised within a week at the latest, retaining not more than a sum of Rs.20,000/- (Rupees Twenty Thousand only) at a time in cash in hand to meet incidental expenses. The Treasurer shall be responsible to present the current statement of accounts at every National Executive Meeting.

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