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(a) All the Development Officers working in any of Office of the Life Insurance Corporation of India who have enrolled as members of the Divisional Association shall be the members.

(b) It shall be obligatory on the part of members to follow the programs and directives of the Federation and faithfully abide by the rules and bye-laws that are in force and that may be framed from time to time.

(c) Application for membership shall be made in the prescribed form to the General Secretary of the Divisional Association who may accept the same. Any application not accepted by the General Secretary shall be disposed of by the Divisional Executive Council.The decision of the Divisional Executive Council shall be final. No application shall be rejected without assigning reason. Rejection of the application shall not preclude any one from making a fresh application but not within six months from the date of such rejection.

(d) Members shall enjoy all the rights and privileges assured under the rules and shall be entitled to the benefits of the National Federation. Every member shall have the right to get elected to any position in the National Federation provided he/she has service in LIC for the full tenure on the day of election. However, no individual member will hold any two posts simultaneously.

(e) The membership automatically ceases at the death,resignation,retirement, termination from services,or on promation or on change of category to any class other than Development Officer or on cessation of membership as provided herein. Notwithstanding this, the victimized members of National Federation/Zonal Federation/Divisional/Branch Association at any level shall continue to be a member

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