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(a) Each Divisional Association shall fix the entrance fee and monthly subscription for its members.

(b) Any member who fails to pay the subscription for three consecutive months and all dues shall cease to be a member. The Executive Council of the Divisional Association may, however, restore the membership of such persons on payment of arrears of such subscriptions and all dues of the organisation.

(c) The Divisional Association shall remit such full amount of annual subscription to the Zonal Association and Central Federation as may be fixed by the respective Zonal and National Executive, within six months from the first day of the Accounting year for which it is due and remit full amount of other funds like levy, struggle funds, legal funds etc. within six months from the due date, failing which, such defaulting Division's right to represent in the Zonal Association and the Central Federation shall be forfeited and including debarring, till the arrears of subscription and all other dues are paid.
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