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(a) The Funds of the Central Federation, Zonal Associations and the Divisional Associations shall be deposited in Scheduled Banks, Co-operative Banks and/or Public Sector Undertakings.

(b) On behalf of the Central Federation the cheques for withdrawals and other negotiable instruments shall be jointly signed by the President or Vice President or Secretary General and the Treasurer.

(c) The Central Federation, the Zonal Associations or the Divisional Associations may also set up Welfare Funds and also Relief Funds for providing immediate/long range monetary relief to the dependents of a Development Officer in the event of his death by accident or by illness or for the purpose of providing pecuniary help to a Development Officer in situations of distress. The respective Executive Councils will frame appropriate rules and regulations from time to time to give effect to this scheme of the said Fund.

(d) On behalf of the Zonal Associations and the Divisional Associations the Bank account etc. shall be operated by either the President or General Secretary and the Treasurer.
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