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Comrade Theagu was born at Chennai on the 26th October 1946 as the eldest son of Late V.N. Venugopal completed his honors in Chemistry from Gawuhati University in Assam where his father was working. In 1972 he joined the LIC as a career Agent and became a Development Officer in 1985, and a Member of National Federation of Insurance Field Workers of India from the same year. He was elected Jt. Secretary of the Chennai and then Secretary of the Division. He became the General Secretary of the Zonal Federation, and then its President. He was elected the President of the Federation at the Ernakulam Federal Council meet in 1998. He was reelected President at the Tirupati Federal Council in 2000.
Comrade Theagu’s enviable saga of service ended abruptly in the early hours of October the 9th 2000 at Chennai when eternity claimed him with a massive heart attack.
Comrade Theagu never talked loud about the ease with which he would get every problem resolved, on the other hand he was circumspect and rarely raised hopes, but this was deceptive, the more difficult the issue the more determined he became and more persistent in his efforts. Management learnt quickly that the soft spoken comrade was very hard to be taken for granted. He was a master tactician and new when to clinch a deal and when to walk out. Along with Com Tyagi with whom he teamed well, he was able to secure a very good wage revision cum service agreement.
Comrade Theagu was a good organization man he was well tuned to the feelings of the members on issues, and when the member needed him he was always there. When there was a function in a members family he was there, when there was a departmental inquiry he would be there to assist, or when a member is hospitalized he would stay there overnight, that was the man and no wonder that the number of development officers who did not follow him in his final journey could be counted on ONE finger.
Comrade Theagu’s departure does make a big dent in the federations working, but he has left behind a well trained team of men to shoulder his work; that speaks volumes about the man.
Comrade Theagu’s Federation and every member shares with his wife and two daughters the grief, and pray that they get the strength to bear the grief.
Comrade Theagu’s Federation and its members Salute their COMRADE PRESIDENT Comrade V V Theagu.
Comrade Theagu Zindabad, National Federation Zindabad.