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   Ganesan Venkata Subramanian - G.V.S.Mani, as he is fondly called by the comarades of NFIFWI, one can certainly say that he fits his initials or his initials fit him as perfectly as the luminous ray befit the sun; as the soft cool Chandra kiranas befit the moon; as the fascinating feathers befit the peacock; for G may be said to stand for Gold - a man of golden heart - a man with the golden touch;
V may be said to stand for Victory - the many victories he has brought about for the class of dev. officers; the many victorious negotiations he has encountered in his long service to our community; S may be said to stand for Sugar; a man whose temperament is as sweet as Sugar; whose words are always as sweet as Sugar; a man who loves sweets so much that he wouldn't mind them as breakfast, lunch and dinner (and still manages to maintain his weight!)
Yes, G.V.S.Mani, our former Secretary General (1986 to 1992) has had an enviable long association with the federation in various posts right from the days of its conception and inception.
Born on oct 19th 1931 in Chennai to (Tamilian) parents rich in culture and values, he evinced qualities of leadership even during his student days. A fine orator right from his school days, he is widely read and respects the dictum knowledge for the sake of knowledgeŁ.
This was one can say, put to practice, when at the age of about 40, he joined the (evening) Law College just to equip himself with a sound legal knowledge to handle the various cases of our comrades that started coming up and after doing so, didn't bother to complete the exams to get the Law Degree! Surprisingly funny, but that is our dear G.V.S.
It was in the year 1954 that he joined the Empire of India and was absorbed into the Corporation when it was nationalized in 1956.
It will certainly not be an exaggeration if we call our G.V.S. the very foundation of our Madras Division; for along with G.S.Sundaram he was the Convener for the formation of the Madras Division.
Later he became the First General Secretary of the then Madras Division. In 1960 he was elected the General Secretary of the South Zone.
He was also a member of the Negotiating Committee which the first wage revision in 1963 where, in the management accepted that the D.O would given annual grade increments as a matter of course. He became a common member representing the Zone in all Divisional Grievance procedure committees in the South Zone.
He was a member of the joint committee. He was also a Resident secretary of the South Zone, a vice President and a member of the Negotiating team off and on was almost a permanent invitee to meetings the Central Secretariat and the National Executive. It was then in 1986 he became the Secretary General. It is note worthy to mention that it was during this period that two wage revisions were finalized and the M.O.UŁ was signed (for which the preliminary discussions had started taking place even during Kalwits Days)
He played a prominent part in the Delhi Chalo programme in 1978 and was a member of the Tripartite Committee (to discuss the Service Conditions and work norms) which was formed as a sequel to the announcement by the Finance Minister in the Parliament to start discussions de novoŁ.
After his retirement, He was succeededby Shri V.V.Apte as Secretary General in the year 1992.
To this man of absolute integrity, dignity and decorum; Sacrifice is a way of life; Selflessness is a mantra and Service is his religion. 12 Years after his retirement from the corporation - 10 years after he retired as the undisputable Head of this mammoth Organization which he has brought up so dearly, carefully and loyally-nurtured and nourished as his First Child (or should we say as his first wife!) he is still much respected, much sought after, and a very active and willing participant in any programme of the federation.
A man of a few words he enjoys reading books. His latest hobby is to explore the unlimited scope and wide horizon that the Computer offers and as such spends hours together - day and night learning the various nuances of this wonderful wizard of this century.
It is interesting to note that whatever be the wide range of his interests and pursuits are, as far as the family is concerned he is an adorable father and a dotting grand father - a granite pillar - or a stone pillar the whole family can lean back upon very comfortably and with 100% confidence and more that anything a man of impeccable habits.
Loves to listen to good classical music, watches and reads comics with a childlike joy and likes to watch old M.G.R. and Rajnikanth movies where good ultimately wins over evel loves light hearted comedies of Charlie Chaplin & Laural and Hardy! chooses and picks his sports channels, he is traveler beyond description or compassion. He has traveled across the length and breadth of our country innumerable times, Main mode of travelling is a much talked about phenomenon amongst friends and colleagues. They proudly proclaim that Mani leaves, at the 12th hour catches the train at the 13th hour and can travel form Madras to Delhi full comfort with just platform ticket! His sense of geography and topography is so phenomenal that he can guide a person travelling in Longon, N.York or Rome with just a map in his hand!!
And this amazing man of the masses is a storehouse of knowledge; Ask him a question on any topic under the Sun he will have something to tell you!! So much so, when his children come over for their annual holiday, the best entertainment for them is to just pull out a book from his precious library, open any page, hand it over to him & sit around him very much like the cows & Calves that sat, almost frozen, around that Divine Child krishna when he was weaving musical patterns out of that Blessed Bamboo!!
Any they see him delve into the depths of the beauty of the lines there on -reading through the lines and between the lines in his inimitable style tone and tenor - They enjoy every bit of it wondering and wondering like Oliver Goldsmith how one small head can hold all that he know!!
Yes that is our dear G.V.S. - Ganesan Venkata Subramanian - the former Secretary General of the one and only NFIFWI!!

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